How Do I Begin?

I’ve tried blogging of and on. Mostly it was a sudden reaction to something I heard about or saw or felt. Some were mere escapisms. I do believe though that a British man’s blog is his virtual fortress like his house although I am not British. As such in that fortress there are bedrooms and living rooms. There are also people who live in them. People with blood & flesh who have feelings, fears, passions, anger, frustration, joys of varying shades and intensity.

This blog is cathartic for me. It helps me to tame myself as self conquest for me is the biggest conquest of all. If there are anything in my musings that are hurtful to someone it is not intentional. My musing only represent my feelings and how I feel about stuff. So please forgive me if something appears hurtful to you. I don’t pray to protect me from my enemies I pray, “Save me from myself and protect me from my adversaries”

There is also the issue of language barrier. I never learned English emotionally as in a mother tongue. English is only one of the four languages I speak. I have no intention to apologise to anyone for asserting my right to speak only in Indian English. Artificially learned vocabulary and grammar poses issues like “lost in translation”. Hopefully one day when I have time I want to edit and refine my blogs. Until then it will be rustic.


About bharatjohnson

@bharatjohnson An ex solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales & a former advocate of the Supreme Court of India & an author with a strong pro India bias. Milton Keynes UK ·
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