Should the Book on Gandhi by the Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Joseph Lelyveld be Banned?

The comments below are in response to Mr.Gopalakrishna Gandhi’s articles in the Hindustan Times of 29, 30 and 31 of March 2011. As you know Mr.Gopalakrishan Gandhi is a grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and was removed from the directorship of a Gandhian Foundation in the USA for his outbursts against the Jewish people which Mahatma Gandhi himself would not have tolerated.

NO!!! The book should not be banned!!! Gandhi is my hero and will always be despite his failings. The next in line for me are Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Napoleon in the Western hemisphere. In the East I have other heroes like Valmiki and Vyasa and others. I have a complaint to make to the grand son of Mahatma Gandhi as below;

1. Did Gandhi have any clue that his anointment of Nehru would lead to a dynastic rule in India through the abuse of his surname?

2.Did Gandhi have any idea that the British were planning ahead of him to install their chosen heirs for India and indeed the whole of South Asia besides the former colonies who later became members of that organization headed by the British Monarch whilst claiming to uphold democracy? Please refer to the Commonwealth Charter to appreciate whether it was intended to perpetuate a rag tag colony for the ego of the British Monarch. The freedom struggle that Gandhi led was not to fight American Imperialism but British Imperialism but then how did it gradually became a fight against American Imperialism under the Nehru clan? Was this the so called Hindu extremists’ making or the communist Nehru’s making? Are you or your grandfather privy to all private communications/conversations between the British and the Nehru family?

3.Kripalani in his biography on Gandhi says that after Gandhi’s death Nehru shunned Indian advisors for Mountbatten which is corroborated by Harold McMillan’s (former British Prime Minister) diaries wherein he claims, “the atrocities the Mountbatten’s did on India was horrendous”

4. Even if your theory about the Hindu extremists killed Gandhi could be right neither you nor Gandhi were investigators of any standing. Could it be the British behind Gandhi’s assassination just like their influence in getting even the Nobel Committee deny Gandhi the Nobel Prize five times? The employee/employer relationship between Rabindranath Tagore’s family and their connection to Rajaram Mohan Roy who is buried in Bristol in Britain are all well known. Brahmo Samaj was founded by Rajaram Mohan Roy who is an uncle of Tagore. The Janagana Mana Athi Nayaka of India at the time of its writing in 1911 was the British and no wonder Tagore got a Nobel Prize and the British scuttled Gandhi’s chance to get the Nobel Prize five times admitted by the Nobel Peace Committee some time in 2010. The translation of the Jana Gana Mana is available on Wiki Pedia through a Google search.

5.Please have a look at the dynastic rulers and dictatorships in South Asia and West Asia all of them have a deep rooted allegiance to Britain and European tax havens. the fake Gandhi’s in India, the Bhuttos in Pakistan, Bandaranaike in Sri Lanka, the Gaddaffi’s in Libya, the Mubarak’s in Egypt, the Azads and Hussein of Syria and Jordan whether through second homes, tax evasion or education or military training. Even Robert Mugabe was knighted by the John Major’s government before he became an international paraya (pariah). Does anyone in India know what Sonia Gandhi the most powerful person in India doing from 16 March to 21 March of 2011 in London? Even a holiday of the democratic leaders attract media coverage. As she is the most powerful person in India the people of India has a right to know what she was doing in London for 5 days? How did Motialal become such a wealthy lawyer, one of the wealthiest in the world under the British Raj when even today Clifford Chance the wealthiest law firm in the world cannot achieve number one position without the support of the British establishment?

6. We the people of India request you the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi whom we love not to allow your grandfather’s name to prop up a dynastic rule in India. This is the least we ask from you as there are already 460 government programs named after the Indira-Nehru dynasty who abuse your grandfather’s surname “Gandhi” besides all the prominent landmarks in all major cities be it JNU, IGNOU, JNPT, IGIA, to name a few.

7. Hindu extremism you allege is now mellowing Hindus also had a case as you ought to appreciate and unfortunately no body told the Muslims about the Hindu sufferings due to political correctness. If you can take out an injunction against the use of Mahatma Gandhi’s pictures by the dynastic ruling party in India to befool the nearly 50% illiterate Indian voters through unfair voter recognition and thus voter decision it would be a great service from you to India. Images for nearly 50% illiterate voters in India are what mould their perception and eventually decision making. I think Abraham Lincoln is from Springfield Illinois and you should be concerned about the dynastic slavery India is undergoing now through dynastic rule through the abuse of your grandfather’s surname. Accidents are one offs or rare incidents but when they repeat itself it is a pattern even under basic logic!!! The British the largest losers in human history always tried to divide the Hindus up to keep their empire going and has now become the world’s 5th largest economy from the first in early 1900 despite their Booker Prizes, Amnesty International, the BBC, the Oxfam etc with the active support of the Indian leftists and Naxals.

This book ban is to justify the banning of a book on Sonia Gandhi by a Spanish author. Even Kama sutra was not banned in ancient India!!! Banning is a Taliban policy and not good for any democratic country! The tragedy in India is even the election commission and police act as plaintiffs in defamation matters to prop up dynastic rulers. The rules prohibiting personal attacks on candidates is clearly a rule to protect Sonia/Rahul and the Indira-Nehru dynasty as such defamation ought to be a civil matter in all elections as in other sound democracies. No body banned personal attacks on Obama when he was a candidate in the last US elections as people have a right to know about the personality, friends, faith, policies, antecedents of political candidates as the voters are those who deserve protection from parting with their mandate through deception or misleading claims.


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