Why the Indian Government is Not Interested in Protecting India’s Heritage?

There seems to be a huge aversion for the Indian government in matters concerning Indian Heritage and its protection! It is not only about protecting heritage properties in India but also about getting Indian heritage in the hands of other sovereigns back. We have to appreciate that all of the Indian heritage where ever they ended up in the past 1000 years was as a result of the duress of Islamic or European colonial occupation. Until then India was a willing exporter of luxury goods, liberalism, multi-culture-alism, more welcoming to the hungry and homeless than the inscriptions under the Statue of Liberty! The descendants of the Jewish victims of Hitler’s Holocaust to a great extent secured the repatriation of their jewels, paintings, manuscripts from those who expropriated their heritage but Indian descendants of British and European colonial genocide which is bigger than the Jewish Holocaust is yet to receive any reparations or compensations or repatriation of their heritage. This is very unjust, sad and reprehensible!!!


About bharatjohnson

@bharatjohnson An ex solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales & a former advocate of the Supreme Court of India & an author with a strong pro India bias. Milton Keynes UK · http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=73835068&trk=tab_pro
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