The Legal Basis for the Demand for the Restitution and Restoration of Heritage Looted By EU Colonial Nations

19 October 2012


Legal Notice

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Notice Before Legal Proceedings and Democratic Protests in the Matter of the Repatriation and Restitution of all heritages from the former European Colonies to their rightful owners who are the people of these former colonies

This legal notice is issued by Johnson Thomas Karingozhakal of the above address to the European Union and their member nations requiring them to respect the human rights, right heritage, cultural and religious rights of the citizens of India as exemplified by the various sacred, semi-sacred and secular artefacts of Indian origin in their custody besides that from the former colonies of the member states of the European Union in Africa and Asia with an emphasis on the Indian Heritage for the purposes of this notice.  The issues pertinent to this notice are summarised as below;


  1. 1.       About the Prospective Litigant and Author of this Notice


i)        The author is a former advocate of the Supreme Court of India and an ex solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales and a co-author of a book, “AIDS, SOCIAL WORK AND LAW”  and a former trustee of the Naz Foundation of India Trust and is currently authoring a novel with a historic, cultural and civilizational setting.

ii)       The author has been working for the repatriation of the Indian Heritage expropriated under the duress of the British Colonial occupation of India for the past several years with very little progress despite the hardwork, devotion and research he invested for the cause.

iii)     Although the stress is on the recovery of the Indian Heritage expropriated under the Euro-member nation’s colonial occupation of India it in no way absolves them from taking a necessary actions for the restitution of all heritage expropriated from Africa and Asia.

  1. 2.       The Extent of the Concept of Expropriated Indian Heritage Through a British Colonial Angle


i)        The definitions of “expropriated under the duress of colonial occupation”, “colonial duress”, “duress invalidating the legitimacy of colonial deeds and contracts and consents vitiated by duress of genocide, occupation, oppression, suppression, colonial administration of justice, biased judiciary are illustrated in detail in the link as below;

ii)       Similarly the details of the sacred, semi-sacred and secular, cultural, economic, commercial angles of the Indian Heritage expropriated is also available in the above link encompassing their basic human and fundamental rights’ angles such as right to freedom of expression, right to the protection of copyrights and Intellectual rights, right to livelihood, right to derive rights from heritage tourism, right to political independence, right against exploitation through expropriation, right to restitution of looted heritage, right to education and research, right to further cultural promotion along with a right to establish a lien against all relevant colonial European companies under international laws, the precedents set by the US courts in class actions brought about by the descendants of the victims of the Holocaust,  UNESCO guidelines to the former colonies, rights amenable to the jurisdiction of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against governments and companies who profited or assisted in such expropriation are all inherent in the above link Rules although it is not exhaustive and the author reserves every right to modify the premise in case there is a dispute.

iii)     The author invokes the independence and the unbiased nature of the legal departments of the European Union besides their member nations and countries like the United Kingdom who rely on an association with the European Union albeit on a selective basis.

iv)     On the basis of the UNESCO guidelines the author also appeals to the competent courts under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the United States of America to accord to the descendants of the victims of European colonial genocide the same rights and privileges as was accorded to the descendants of the Holocaust who brought out class actions suits in the United States of America and their courts in the matters of slave labour under Hitler besides against the Swiss banking companies who profited from the melting of gold even in tooth fillings of the Holocaust victims uninfluenced by the disparity in the publicity accorded to both the genocides namely; the European genocide in Germany and the colonial European genocide in India, Africa and Asia in their former colonies so that the victims and descendants of genocide are accorded the same rights notwithstanding their geographies, races, nationalities, gender and religious affiliations so as to have the preponderance of equality before law, equal protection of the laws are all accommodated in its true spirit. The author relies on Martin Luther King’s words, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!”

v)      The author is very apprehensive of the differentials in the equality of treatments meted out to the descendants of the European genocide in Europe and the European genocide in colonial Africa and Asia whilst retaining the emphasis on the European genocide in India. The author relies on the following soft copy of his views in this matter by adducing the following link as below

vi)     The author can confirm that he has issued legal notices to the British Head of State the British Queen besides appealing personally to the British government on numerous occasions but was fobbed of under one pretext or another or by exerting the undue influence of the British government over Indian Administration and judiciary perceived actual or otherwise. The notice was issued to the British Queen in her various capacities including as the Head of State, the Head of the Commonwealth, the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, the Chief Patron and benefactor of the various British charities including British museums, educational institutions and the like whose sole publicised objective is to serve humanity and not to hoard looted and stolen Indian Heritage.

vii)   The author even invoked the duty of the British Monarch to comply with the Ten Commandments and in particular her duty not to covet her neighbour’s property including their oxen, slaves, land or property of any description as exemplified under the Ten Commandments under Exodus chapter 20 and copyrighted under the British jurisdiction through the King James Version.  The author being born in to a Catholic family long before any European colonisation of India believes that any religious head who violates the cardinal principles of their religion and in the case of Christianity the Ten Commandments naturally forfeits their right to remain as a religious head whether or not they have other designations like Head of State, Head of the Commonwealth or whatever else.

viii)  The author has reason to suspect that his petitions were not entertained by the British government as he is not famous or a celebrated legal professional or author but only a humble British resident who holds on to his Indian Passport in the past fifteen years of his residence in the United Kingdom.  The author reiterates that his rights are not subjected to the vagaries of his fame or infamy or his gender or his race or his nationality but rights are simply rights unless the European Union wants to impose a standardisation of rights on the basis of this criteria and the author reserves his rights to oppose such a perverted interpretation of these universal human rights.

ix)     The author admits that he has been a conscientious opponent of the British Monarch in her capacity as the Head of the Commonwealth of 53 member nation states a United Nation recognised organisation to perpetuate her colonial aspirations whilst she is governed by the operation of the Commonwealth Charter which seeks to promote democracy and not imperialism or any empire; real or imaginary.  The author requests the government of the United Kingdom to declare to the world the definition of the expression “empire” as enshrined in the British social titles of “Knight, Commander, Officer and Member of the British Empire” whilst mandated to serve the Commonwealth Citizens in their capacity as the Head of the Commonwealth.

x)      The author admits that he was successful in registering a police complaint with the Thames Valley Police on or around 23 April 2011 with Agent Lisa C1574 with Ref Number of reported crime 601230411 against the British Queen for being a receiver and handler of looted and stolen Indian properties including precious diamonds, pearls, gems and precious stones besides  temple properties such as temple jewels, idols, sacred, semi-sacred and secular manuscripts, pieces of art including idols, paintings and other antiquities which was not investigated in a transparent manner after giving due notice to the author who is the original complainant and service of notices to the author when he was away or incapable of receiving a notice or being surreptitiously served do not constitute a valid service for the purposes of this notice.

xi)     The author believes that notwithstanding all European AID to India and the developing countries in the Commonwealth of United Kingdom and France besides other EU member nations the net receipt of European AID is negligible in comparison to the net outflow of capital from these affected countries which does not even equal the interest payments of this flight of the much needed capital to build homes, hospitals, schools, dispensaries, sanitation, sewage and other basic infrastructure in the victimised countries besides roads, rails, airports, harbours, infrastructure including judicial and regulatory which would have all facilitated a fairer distribution of wealth and social security in the affected countries without middlemen including European poverty barons, AID facilitators and their bureaucracy and celebrity publicists sponging on the actual AID.

xii)   The author furthermore believes that AID is distorting the imbalances of brain drain and capital flight from the developing countries in Africa and Asia many of whom are the uncompensated victims of European genocide, atrocities, oppression, subjugation, racial and ethnic discrimination and are punished over and over again when the heritage expropriated under the duress of the European colonisation is not restored to them.

xiii)  The author believes that the European Charity Industry like the exploitative beggars industry in many developing countries is a major European employer after the public and private sectors and is creating poverty barons who launder their colonial liability like money launderers do in commercial activities.

xiv) The author further submits that it is with utmost horror that he digests information about European banks assisting in international terrorism funding against the will and mandate of the United Nations not only in disregarding UN sanctions against Iran but also in allowing their charitable funding to so adroitly leak to arming terrorist and insurgent anti-national and UN declared terrorist organisations in Africa and Asia creating millions of victims and casualties both alive and dead including their legitimate descendants who are not compensated fairly or their destroyed properties the subject of restitution whilst the long pending compensation rights for the victims of the original European colonisation are still not compensated creating a serious dent in the legitimacy of the equity, justice, fairness, transparency, right to compensation which are all duly articulated by the European Union and their member states besides their charities whilst this serious imbalance between what they preach and practice is gaping at the author. The author invites the dispassionate attention of the legal department of the European Union and their member nations by adducing the following links as below;







xxi) The author was astounded to learn that most of the trouble spots in the world are a colonial relic of the Divide & Rule policy they implemented be they in India and Pakistan or Israel and Palestine and most of the present day dictators and dynastic rulers are educated and groomed in the European Union and in Britain whilst there are no such dictatorships or dynastic rulers are groomed or educated in the United States of America! The examples are not merely the Mugabes, Bhuttos, Indira-Nehru, Azads, Hussein dynasties are littered across the former European colonies in Africa and Asia and is not an exception to the rule of political grooming and placements in former colonies but a concerted well researched action plan to keep the former colonies and their two billion strong peoples, democracies, voluntary organisations in subservience of the neo-European “Brahmanism” without any legal liabilities and it is my endeavour to change that cosy European status quo with the African Asian dictatorships and dynastic rulers notwithstanding the European charity bread crumbs for the avoidance of any doubt so long as I am alive. I am a fervent believer in the fact that the biggest right of all is the right to assert a right without which we do not have any rights left to call rights! And I am asserting these rights in this notice for the avoidance of any doubt.

xxii)            I invoke Mahatma Gandhi and believe that when Mahatma Gandhi declared the “the Quit India” movement it was an order and not a plaintive request and those who did not heed his instructions are there before humanity with their colonies dismembered and their super power status replaced by newly emergent United States of America and the USSR particularly after the Second World War. This dynamics of the geopolitics has been changing and now we are in the age of G2 which is more powerful than G20 and the European Union.

xxiii)          The author adduces the following link on the scope for restoration and restitution of looted and expropriated properties in the context of colonialism and imperialism as below;

xxiv)          The author undertakes to submit hard copies of all documents instead of soft copies exemplified by the internet links above if such a procedure is insisted on by the European Union after due notice from the competent legal department of the European Union.

xxv)           The author believes that it is his right to seek protection to the person and property of himself and his two little daughters in the EU besides in all territories where there is a jurisdiction for the EU via diplomatic missions as he is a single parent and do not want to be a victim of any accidental and inexplicable deaths under any so called mysterious and suspicious circumstances as he has no immediate plans to indulge in any suicide or deadly exercises under suspicious circumstances.

  1. 3.       The author submits that the 1.21 billion of India are not governed by the WTO if they were to voluntarily boycott European goods and services marketed in India as it would not be by the Indian government but through a grass root level protest which European charities fund in Indian anyway.

Awaiting your earliest possible response and thanking you in anticipation of this favour,

Yours faithfully,

Johnson Thomas Karingozhakal



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@bharatjohnson An ex solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales & a former advocate of the Supreme Court of India & an author with a strong pro India bias. Milton Keynes UK ·
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2 Responses to The Legal Basis for the Demand for the Restitution and Restoration of Heritage Looted By EU Colonial Nations

  1. krish raghavan says:

    A great initative applicable to stolen arts, historu and artifacts around the world, support your noble initative.


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